Movies & Cinema

Discussion questions and speaking prompts about movies and cinema.

  1. Do you prefer going to the cinema or watching movies at home? Why?
  2. What is your favourite movie genre? Why?
  3. What makes a movie good?
  4. Who is your favourite actor? Why?
  5. What makes you cry in a film?
  6. Have you ever rewatched a film only to discover that it was not at all as good as you remember? What film was it? How do you remember it? What had changed for you since the last time you saw it?
  7. Name a movie adaption of a book that outdid its written counterpart. What made the movie better?
  8. Should it be allowed (or even encouraged) to talk while at the movies? Why/Why not?
  9. Name a film that is so excruciatingly bad that it becomes good, and explain what it is that makes it bad and/or good.
  10. Name something that happens too often in films.
  11. What lines crop up in a lot of movie scripts?
  12. What two films would you like to combine into one?