Lesson Plan: Don’t Chase Happiness

Happiness often takes the form of a mirage; it’s looming on the horizon, too far to grasp. That’s until we start looking at where we’re actually at, what we’ve got, and where we’ve come from. This short lesson plan is built around the YouTube film “Don’t chase happiness. Become Antifragile” from the channel Big Think. Food for thought guaranteed — well worth the span of a couple of lessons.

Suitable Tie-In Discussion Topics:
Don’t chase happiness. Become Antifragile.


  1. How would you explain the message of this video to someone? (i.e. write a short summary of the key points of the video — it might be a good idea to start by doing this in your native tongue if you find it challenging)
  2. Have you ”chased” happiness? How did that affect you?
  3. Ben-Shahar presents what he calls ”the SPIRE Model”, SPIRE being an acronym for Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational, and Emotional well-being. For each aspect of well-being (each letter of the acronym), write one thing you do that gives your life meaning and increases your happiness, and one thing you could do.
  4. Cicero considered gratitude the ”mother of all virtues”. Take five minutes to express what you are feeling grateful for. You may do this by talking to yourself, or by writing (preferably by hand). How did this little exercise make you feel?
  5. Tell me about one time your anti-fragility grew. How did you tackle the situation? How did you feel afterwards?

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