Here’s a Free “Two Stars and a Wish” Feedback Form

I shared my adventures with my ChatGPT teacher assistant Big Poppa earlier. He failed quite miserably when asked to create a lesson plan. For this post, I needed a short text about the “Two Stars and a Wish” feedback model and thought I’d have Big P do the honours.

The “Two Stars and a Wish” feedback model is a simple and effective way to give feedback in a constructive and balanced manner. It involves identifying two positive aspects of a person’s work or behaviour (“Stars”) and one area for improvement or suggestion (“Wish”).

The stars are specific and genuine comments that recognise the strengths or achievements of the individual. They should be detailed and clear, providing examples of what was done well and why it was effective. This helps to build confidence and motivation, as well as reinforcing good habits.

The wish is a specific and constructive suggestion for improvement, framed in a positive and supportive way. It should be something that the individual can act on, and provide guidance on how to improve. It’s important to remember that the wish is not a criticism, but rather an opportunity for growth and development.

I’ve created a fillable PDF that I use with my students. I’ve replaced the stars with hearts, and the wish with a star (confusingly enough!). I couldn’t come up with a fitting icon symbolising a wish, so — two hearts and a star it is!

Hope you find it useful.

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